(Organised by SARHAD, Pune)
2nd September

Run for Sarhad

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Countdown to Kargil International Marathon

About Kargil International Marathon

Kargil is the land where the last war between India and Pakistan took place. However, it is also a place graced by Gautam Buddha many centuries ago and his teachings of peace are still in the air here. With its glorious history, rich tradition and resplendent beauty, Kargil has an immense potential to become a premium tourist destination of the world.

The theme behind organizing this second edition of the Kargil International Marathon is to pay tribute to the Gujjar-Bakarwal community in J&K for their immense courage and contribution to keeping India’s borders in this region safe. The Marathon will not just create tourism interest in the region at the international level we believe it will bring the people within J&K together for a common cause. With athletes and enthusiasts from the rest of the country participating, the Marathon shall also create bonds among the people of India.

Kargil International Marathon 2017 After Movie

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Route Maps

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120 Km Tiger Hill Challenge
60 Km Ultra Marathon
42 Km Full Marathon
21 Km Half Marathon
10 Km
5 Km Non-competitive


100 Mile Kargil Legends Challenge(25th August)
60 Km Ultra Marathon(25th August)
42 Km Full Marathon - 6:00 AM
21 Km Half Marathon 6:00 AM
10 Km 7:00 AM
5 Km Non-competitive 7:00 AM


Near Husaini park,, Main bazaar, Kargil, Jammu and Kashmir 194103

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About Sarhad

Sarhad is a social, cultural and educational organization dedicated to the cause of people in the border areas of India. Sarhad, under the leadership of Sanjay Nahar, is working for healing the wounds of the strife-torn people, especially the women and children in Punjab, Jammu -Kashmir and Northeast India for the past three decades. A home away from home for the orphans and children from poor families in these regions, today about 200 boys and girls from there are adopted by Sarhad for education purposes and live in Pune. Belonging to Jammu, Kashmir, Kargil, Bodoland Territory Council and Manipur, these children have bonded with each other and with the local Maharashtrian children in the peaceful and safe environment of Maharashtra. Among these children, besides the Kashmiri children, are Stanzin Dorje, son of Tashi Namgyal, the shepherd who gave the first information about the enemy infiltration to Indian Army just before the Kargil War; children of the civilians who recovered and brought back the body of Lt. Saurabh Kalia; Joginder Singh from Doda district of Jammu, 15 members of whose family laid down their lives fighting with the armed militants during Kargil war and the children of several army men and civilians from Kargil.


Arvind Bijwe

Arvind Bijwe has worked in Corporate for 18 years, But his heart always yearned for Sports. His journey for sports began in his early years of school and college. The determined but also, mischievous kid in school who played National & State for a total of 5 sports- Basketball, Athletics, Atya Patya, Handball and Korfball.

His second inning started out by participating in several Marathons and Cycling races in many cities across the globe. Arvind eventually started his own fitness club in Pune called One Life-Make the most of it. Being the Co-founder for RunBuddies, he has been conducting various Marathons and cycling expeditions all over India like Kargil International Marathon, Shirdi, Durshet Forest, Konkan Marathon,NIO Vision Marathon etc.

He was also Race Director for many prestigious races like Soldierathon,PRBM,Surat Night Marathon etc. Race Manager for Brazil -135 ultra marathon.

He has also participated in Everest Base Camp trek,Manali –Khardungla Cycle Expedition, Iran Cycling Expedition, Rugged Sahyadri,Ladakh Marathon etc and Arvind was also Crew member for La Ultra,Brazil -135,Bharathon etc.

Arvind has always had an inspiring rhythm and also has encouraged everyone towards fitness. He has made a difference for a lot of people and put forth an effort to make his dream come true. He always says that we have one life to live, let's make the most of it. For that reasons only, he is here to run for desire, for fitness and for charity. Currently promoting “Making India Run” campaign.

Sanjeev Shah

Mr. Sanjeev Shah is an industrialist by profession and an adventure enthusiast by passion. He has summitted a number of peaks in the Himalayas and around the World. Along with trekking, he is a hard core cyclist as well. He had cycled across India from Kanyakumari to Srinagar. He also cycled up to Khardungla, Leh which is the the Worlds highest motorable road. Recently, he explored and experienced North Eastern India, by cycling across the four states of Manipur, Nagaland, Assam and Meghalaya.

Few of the adventures he has undertaken are Antarctica, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Island peak, Stok kangri and ennumerable treks in the Himalayas & Sahayadris.

It is not only about being a fitness lover and completing such stupendous tasks, but it is about the gathering people along with him and ensuring they accomplish these too. He is a peoples person and a motivator in its truest sense. He has organised countless treks, expeditions, cycling adventures and marathons for the public at large. He has been spreading awareness about mental and physical health for many years now. Sanjeev Shah: A one Man Motivation Army, as he is rightly called!

Mohd Hamza

A man with a friendly personality and a love for travel and adventure, and you are bound to find a spectrum of traits worth praise. With over 33 years’ experience in tourism, Mohd. Hamza started as a guide for Ladakh region in June 1987,with a well known Adventure travel company of India and has now been designated as their Director -Operations. He is solely responsible for all the ground arrangements and preparations related to the entire system of adventure / Cultural tours of the company. He also run his own travel company, SPACE TOURISM. If you find yourself with Mohd. Hamza, do get yourself some coffee and get him to tell you his stories, which come from years of experience leading tours to a vast number of destinations in India / Nepal & Srilanka. His knowledge and ideas will amaze you. He has so much to offer in the travel and tourism field, and thanks to this, many travellers would vouch for a sensational travel journey. Besides his love for travelling, Hamza enjoys music, reading and his favourite pastime involves endless hours on Discovery and National Geographic channels that have become his doppelgänger when it comes to stoking his adventure streak to seek and soak in knowledge on travel and adventure. He holds key positions in many reputed organizations, these include:- Chairman of SEWAK (Shingoo Educational & Welfare Association Kaksar), an NGO, Member of Universal Peace Society.-He is also one of the active members of Sheena Cultural Association, Hamza wrote the first ever guide book on Kargil Ladakh – The Dreamland: Discover Unexplored Kargil (Ladakh) – to be as interestingly layered as Mr. Hamza himself is... the author, the architect behind the idea, a man who wants travellers to know how blessed the land of entire Ladakh particularly Kargil and how much it has to offer with its unique landscapes, brown mountains, hilltop monasteries, spectacular glaciers, gushing rivers and ethnic cultures. Mr. Hamza is actively involved in promoting tourism in Ladakh. He is a person who truly loves his job and more importantly, has an endless love with this exotic land.

"The Body ACHIEVES What The Mind BELIEVES"


“It was a pleasure to run with Runbuddies Club, they were quintessential in the organisation of the Kargil International Marathon ”

RunMachas Team , Hyderabad

“The Kargil International Marathon was awesome !I ran the 100KM Challenge and support was tremendous"

Raj Vadgama, Ultra Runner , La Ultra finisher

Runbuddies is undoubtedly one of the best running event organisers , event the stay and transport options they provided worked out well ”

Devyani Haldar, Ultra Runner

“2/50 Kargil International Marathon. Runners, Enjoy the flora and fauna. Say a silent prayer and thank the men in uniform. Everything else is a bonus. Back to the mountains. Feeling charged up!!!! ”

Sundaresan Renganathan

“We have arranged Kargil international marathon on 16th july at kargil. Tribute to our war heroes , Jai hind. ”

Sanjeev Shah

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